‘When I ate his sushi, I felt like I was listening to music’. Renowned food critic Mashuhiro Yamamotos’ description of dining at Sukiyabashi Jiro captures the heart of David Gleb’s 2011 exploration of Tokyo’s most celebrated sushi restaurant and its master chef Jiro Ono. If eating at Sukiyabashi Jiro is like listening to music, Gleb’s portrayal of its preparationContinue reading “JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI”


For so many, no film genre defines their teenage years like the romantic comedy. With their aesthetic idealism, warmth, and promise of a fairy-tale ending, rom-coms often forge lifelong relationships with their viewers, to be watched over and over from adolescence and throughout adulthood. This is true for Elizabeth Sankey, who begins Romantic Comedy (2019)Continue reading “ROMANTIC COMEDY”


As governments around the world struggle to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, attentions turn to the healthcare systems on the front line. The effects of the virus on regions with weak public health services and endemic poverty rates have been inevitably catastrophic. The soaring death rates in countries like Brazil and Mexico have underlined theContinue reading “MIDNIGHT FAMILY”


Roxy Rezvany’s short film Little Pyongyang tells the story of Joong-wha Choi a North Korean defector now living in the South London suburb of New Malden. Joong-wha’s subtle and stylised portrait sheds light on a notoriously secretive refugee community, revealing a shared plight of North Koreans searching for new life. In its sensitive portrayal ofContinue reading “LITTLE PYONGYANG”


It is November 9th in 2016, the now infamous night of the American election and the date from which Moore takes his title, one that calls back to his Palme d’Or winning Fahrenheit 9/11. Armed with the distance of years in Fahrenheit 11/9, Moore guides us through the circus of election night in his characteristicContinue reading “FAHRENHEIT 11/9”


McQueen (2018) documents the extraordinary life and career of the fashion designer Lee Alexander McQueen. Born to a working-class family in 1970’s London, McQueen would go on to become one of the most influential and globally recognised fashion designers of modern times. McQueen, co-directed by Ian Bohôte and Peter Ettedgui, charts a meteoric rise to fashionContinue reading “MCQUEEN”


In 2019 Rayka Zehtabchi became the first Iranian woman to win an Oscar for her documentary short Period. End of Sentence. Set in the rural Indian district of Hapur Period. End of Sentence explores the deep-rooted stigma surrounding menstruation and charts the extraordinary impact that the arrival of a sanitary pad-making machine has on aContinue reading “PERIOD. END OF SENTENCE”


The Confession documents the life of Moazzam Begg a British Muslim who was detained without trial on terrorism charges in Britain, Pakistan and Cuba. Director Ashish Ghadiali shows his recognition of the power of Begg’s testimony though a strikingly simple extended interview form. The Confession sees Begg powerfully recount a life that has been soContinue reading “THE CONFESSION”