In 2019 Rayka Zehtabchi became the first Iranian woman to win an Oscar for her documentary short Period. End of Sentence. Set in the rural Indian district of Hapur Period. End of Sentence explores the deep-rooted stigma surrounding menstruation and charts the extraordinary impact that the arrival of a sanitary pad-making machine has on aContinue reading “PERIOD. END OF SENTENCE”


The Confession documents the life of Moazzam Begg a British Muslim who was detained without trial on terrorism charges in Britain, Pakistan and Cuba. Director Ashish Ghadiali shows his recognition of the power of Begg’s testimony though a strikingly simple extended interview form. The Confession sees Begg powerfully recount a life that has been soContinue reading “THE CONFESSION”


In 2017 Swedish filmmakers Maximilien Van Aertryke and Axel Danielson paid 67 people who had never jumped from a 10 meter diving board the equivalent of $30 to climb the tower and walk to the edge of the platform -but would they jump? A psychological battle is set, participants must weigh the physical fear ofContinue reading “TEN METER TOWER”


In a letter to his editor in 1979 James Baldwin wrote of his desire to begin ‘Remember This House’ a book that would revisit the American South in order to capture through personal recollections the lives of his three murdered friends Malcolm X, Medgar Evers and Martin Luther King. Raoul Peck’s I Am Not YourContinue reading “I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO”


Paul Sng’s 2017 documentary Dispossession is a detailed study of the increasingly urgent social housing crisis in the United Kingdom. It provides an unflinching account of the policies and concealed ideologies that led to the statistic that last year over 8 million people in the UK are experiencing some form of housing need. Dispossession beginsContinue reading “DISPOSSESSION: THE GREAT SOCIAL HOUSING SWINDLE”


Last week I saw an early screening of Tim Wardle’s Three Identical Strangers ahead of its cinematic release later this month. The film tells the incredible true story of three identical brothers (Eddie, Bobbie and David) who after being separated at birth would meet by chance 19 years later. In 1980, on his first dayContinue reading “THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS”


In June 2011 democratic congressman Anthony Weiner tweeted a picture of his bulging crotch from his official Twitter account. The scandal that followed which revealed numerous online interactions of a sexual nature with several different women, caused Anthony to resign, disgraced, from congress. In 2013 Anthony made an unexpected return to the spotlight when heContinue reading “WEINER”


Mark Isaacs debut documentary short Lift (2001) explores the lives of the residents of an east London tower block exclusively through encounters in the building’s lift. Filmed over the course of two months, inside the lift for sometimes 8-hours at a time, Isaacs provides a captivating glimpse of British society in the early 2000s throughContinue reading “LIFT”


“Very often people consider that documentary can’t have a metaphoric dimension or a symbolic way of telling about the world. You can make, I think, a great film with a tiny subject, it’s more of a question of a way of looking at reality, much more than the subject which is important to me”. InContinue reading “ETRE ET AVOIR (TO BE &TO HAVE)”