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In 2017 Swedish filmmakers Maximilien Van Aertryke and Axel Danielson paid 67 people who had never jumped from a 10 meter diving board the equivalent of $30 to climb the tower and walk to the edge of the platform -but would they jump?

A psychological battle is set, participants must weigh the physical fear of leaping from a great height and plunging into the water below, with the social fear of admitting defeat and  descending the ladder back to the poolside. The social pressure acting upon each participant is deliberately increased through visible microphones surrounding the platform and the waiting participants below.

On the platform, participants appear vulnerable, almost naked and often alone. Thoughts and emotions are equally exposed as we glimpse startlingly vivid portrayals of psychological conflict. Many participants visibly wrestle with fear as they prepare to jump and fail or peer over the edge and withdraw. Moments of euphoric triumph come as participants take the leap- and we too leave the platform joining participants falling in slow motion through the air. 

But would you jump?

Watch it here

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